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The project of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów implemented under the Regional Operational Programme of Podkarpackie Region for 2007-2013. Priority Axis III - Information Society.

The "E-services in a modern library" project goal is the implementation of hardware and software and new electronic services for the community of the city and the region.

The most important tasks within the project were:

1. Implementation of the RFID system in the Main Lending Library.
It is the only, so far, full implementation of RFID technology based on radio waves in the libraries in the Subcarpathian region. Main Lending Library of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszow, Street Dabrowski 33a - facility already fully computerized, passed the next stage of modernization. Implementation of RFID system improved user experience, allowed for better protection of the library collections, and its identification and control. One of the main features of the system is the ability to make independent lending of the library's books by readers "self check" and "self-return" (mechanical vault services books). Self-check, tailored to the needs of people with disabilities is available on the premises of the Main Lending Library and allows library proximity card holders checking account and making loans without the mediation of the librarians. The outer vault hatch allows returning of the rented books 24 hours, 7 days a week, at a convenient time for users, connected with "remove" the books of the reader's account feature.
The entire library collection was equiped with the RFID tags. Librarians received equipment mounted at the counter of the library, allowing for coding of the labels, and devices for mobile work. Installed at the entrance to the library premises RFID gateway controls and reports tags, and automatic lock is incorporated in the doors to protect against unauthorized elevation of books outside the library. Smart meter installed in the gateway counts visits of the readers. All readers registered in the Main Lending Library received smartcard with electronic chip and proximity identification.
As a part of the project, monitoring and wireless network were installed, as well as new computer sets for readers.

2. The digitization and sharing of created audio files converted from analog media stored in Music Library. As part of the project, the Audio Digitization Laboratory was  launched. This laboratory has computers with appropriate software, audio devices, converters, listening devices, etc.., so the digitization of recordings from vinyl records, audio tapes, cassettes and other media can be performed. Specially designed software also allows to keep record of a full repository of digital data created. Sharing parts of recordings on the websites and on the terminals listening in Music Library is also possible. For work related to digitization of music, one of the rooms in Laboratory of Digitization was adapted.

3, The digitization of microfilms and sharing digtized recordings online.
Thanks to the project realisation, Laboratory of Digitization was equipped with microfilm scanner and the computer workstation. The workplace created for microfilm digitization allows for the digitization of microfilms stored in Provincial and Minicipal Public Library in Rzeszow, especially including valuable collections of regional magazines dated from before year 1939, which survived only in the form of microfilms. After digitization, these collections will enrich the Subcarpathian Digital Library.
Examples of pre-war periodicals in the form of microfilm, which will be subject to digitization: Overview of Rzeszow, Rzeszow Tribune, Weekly Rzeszow, Rzeszow and Jarosławska Land, Voice of the Rzeszów Basin.

4. Digitization of large-format documents stored in subcarpathian cultural institutions.
In preparation of a project Provincial and Minicipal Public Library in Rzeszow obtained permissions for the digitization of selected collections of documents of social life, including large-format prints: posters, banners, commemorative prints, graphics, belonging to various cultural institutions. Digitization will cover the collection of documents covering social life of Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszow and other institutions that work or will cooperate with the library within the Subcarpathian Digital Library. For these purposes, large format scanner was installed with computer station, allowing scanning of large-formats, including A0. 

5. Recording of audiobooks of regional authors.
Thanks to the project, Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów was publisher of audiobooks. The funds allocated financed recording of 20 audio documents that are saved on a CD disks and made available on the Internet. These are novels and short stories, volumes of poetry, popular science books and literature for young people. The authors, who agreed to record audio books based on their works are: Edward Bolt, Mark Czarnota, Stanislaw Dłuski, Zbigniew Domino, Edward Guziakiewicz, Kazimierz Ivosse, Mariusz Kalandyk, Gregory Kociuba, Boguslaw Kotula, Krystyna Lenkowska, Edward Marshal, Richard revenge Kazimierz Ozog, Janusz Pastoral, Andrzej Potocki, Jadwiga Szymczak-Hoff, Andrew Topczyj, John Tulik, Alice Ungeheuer-Dove, Margaret Żurecka.
As part of this task there were also created technical possibilities for self-creation of audiobooks by Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów.

6. Creation of the E-journal portal (Subcarpathian Website of Journals).
Portal serves as an archive of digital collections presenting scanned regional newspapers published in the Subcarpathian region. Dozens of magazine publishers in the region declared their desire to share their publications in portal E-magazine. Thanks to this, the site will present successively scanned local newspapers as well as publications of cultural institutions and local associations.
Browsing magazines will be possible using an intuitive browser with the possibility of going after individual pages of digitized resources with the additional sound effect in the form of the sound of the turning pages. Examples of regional magazines that will be scanned at the Laboratory of Digitalization of Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów and presented in the portal E-journal: Brzozow District Newspaper, Newspaper Tuszowska, Tuning Fork, Carpathian Economic Review, Courier Sokolowski, Review Rudnicki, Przemyskie Notes Historical, Vintage Lubaczowski, Year Rimanov Zdroj , Vintage Lovers Association Yaroslavl, weight and Sword, News Przeworska Local Government, News of Boguchwalskie.

7. The launch of the virtual book-crossing.
The project created a web service exchange information about books. The virtual book-crossing allows you to place information on the web by people interested in sharing and transferIng books. Portal allows you to use the information about the books, and the place and time of their leaving by the users. The service operates free of charge for users without administrator intervention.

8. Develop and launch a virtual walk around the library and the movie presenting Provincial and Municipal Public Library facilities in Rzeszow.
As part of the task there were virtual tours created that are available to Internet users and allow them to familiarize themselves with the Provincial and Municipal Public Library’s 23 centers in Rzeszow. Walks are a virtual presentation of rooms of the library facilities. In addition to this task a video promoting library activities and photo galleries was created.

9. Implementation multi-search supporting multiple databases on the library catalogs in Subcarpathian region.
The main purpose of the implementation of this module was to create a mechanism for the integration of information retrieval in many library systems for the end user. Multi-Search allows you to simultaneously search multiple information resources, including databases, libraries have different library systems. Electronic resources in multisearch are searched simultaneously, and the search results are displayed as a single list of results with possible links to specific libraries webpages.

10. Modernization of IT equipment in selected locations of Public and Municipal Library in Rzeszow.
Larger facilities of Provincial and Municipal Library in Rzeszow showing very high activity in organizing the library activities received computer equipment helpful when carrying out cultural activities in the form of: projector, laptop and projector screen. Network cables and electric installation have been upgraded in these facilities. At the same time the Laboratory of Digitization was equipped with IT equipment for training: a dozen laptops, interactive whiteboard, projector, graphics tablets, microphones and a digital camera.

11. The development of the website E-library together with the mobile version.
The new website integrates all new e-services implemented under the project, such as the Multi-Search, audiobooks, bookcrossing service, e-magazines and the virtual walk in the library. The portal will serve information about cultural events announced in libraries and cultural institutions in the Subcarpathian region, as well as reports from cultural events in the region. The portal will promote good and interesting literature. Service E-library will be enriched with photo galleries, newsletter, virtual reader and mobile version.
Thanks to the project "E-services in a modern library" Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów gained a lot of modern equipment and has launched an interesting and innovative e-services to the communities of the region. This is another IT project implemented by the library, which has received funding from external sources.

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