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We are inviting to bookcrossing – action of freeing the books

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Addressing needs of many readers, Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów created webservice allowing everyone to create personal bookcrossing bookshelf and give freedom to already red and spare books.

The webpage also informs about books that were given freedom by others.

We also encourage you to use the existing bookshelves. Especially for you we placed them in several of the largest public libraries in Rzeszow. These bookshelves are used to exchange books between readers. The bookshelves are properly marked, and access to them is possible during working hours of the libraries. You can come and leave there books or other publications and use the books left behind by others.

This website is created to inform about books and places where they can be left or found. Service requires a one-time registration.

The service following options are available:
- "Add a book" - The form allows you to add the book that you want to release. Enter the author and the title of the book,  you can also provide additional information about the book, such as the category of literature and the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and attach the cover of the book. After adding the book, service hints the identification number of released books such as for example: EJW7CP4H6A. Identifier can be placed anywhere on the cover of the released book (it is a non-mandatory option). At the end of registration you should assign the book to a shelf (place where it will be released).

- "Create a new shelf" - This feature allows you to set up bookcrossing shelf. Enter the name of the shelf and its location. Select the type of shelf between "official" or "private".
Shelf is treated as "official" when it was created in an institution such as a company, library, pub, college, school.
- "List of shelves" - a list of all registered bookcrossing shelves (places where books are left).
- "My Account" - List of books released by the account holder, and acquired by the reader through the bookcrossing service.
- "I found the book" - This function allows you to record the ID book you found - non-mandatory option.
- "Print Label" - Print labels to be placed on the cover of a released book - non-mandatory option.

We cordially invite you to participate in the bookcrossing and to release the  books in Rzeszów and the Podkarpackie province.