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Visitors will find here a range of new information services implemented by the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów.

These services include, i.e .:

Virtual advisor – it is a computer program providing information to users about the library, library rules, library facilities, library’s information system, and many other issues related to the operation of the library.
Virtual advisor is a computer program that uses methods and techniques of artificial intelligence. This bot uses the technology of natural language processing. In addition to speech synthesis it has also a visual form. If you wait too long to ask a question, it begins to show boredom and starts a conversation by itself.
Virtual counselor of the library is named Magda, it can answer various questions, i.e .: What services the library provides? What you need to do to join the library? For how long you can borrow books? How many books you can have on your library account? How to extend borrow time via the Internet? How to extend the contract for a book? What to do when I lost my book? Where I can read the editions of magazines? How to reserve books and much more.

Bookcrossing – it’s a service supporting the exchange of private books between users. The reader after one time registration on the portal has the opportunity to inform other users of the titles of books he or she released and about places where he or she is leaving the books. These places are declared in the service as a virtual shelves. Established virtual shelf should correspond to the shelf physically existing. You can use the virtual shelves already established by other people on the site and put the information out there or start your own shelf.
In order to facilitate the exchange of books, virtual and real shelves have been founded by the librarians of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów. We encourage users to release books and post information about them in our bookcrossing web service.

Subcarpathian Journals Site  - it is a service by which readers can use the full-length digital versions of journals published by institutions and organizations in the Subcarpathian region. Subcarpathian Journals Site resources will be gradually increased with yearbooks and volumes of magazines and regional newspapers thanks to digitization performed by the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów. The application used by Subcarpathian Journals Site allows you to browse and read text articles and supports enlarging of the images.

Multi-Search – it is a program that allows you to search multiple databases such as electronic catalogs and bibliographies online. The result of the search will a list of records matching the user's query. Search is performer on the databases of public libraries, pedagogical libraries and also university libraries in the Subcarpathian region.

Virtual walks – it is an interactive presentation, in the form of panoramas of the branches and subsidiaries of the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów. Presentations include information about the location of agencies with links directing to their web pages.

Sharing audio files - portal provides access to digitized audio files. Digitization and the development of musical recordings was made by ​​Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów based on the files stored on analog media gathered in Music Library of Public and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszow. These recordings belong to different genres. All Internet users can listen to short – several seconds long - fragments, access to the full recording is only possible for current users registered in one of the local public libraries that are using electronic rental system for its collections. Login is done using login and password, the same as login to your reader’s account. The audio database will be gradually populated by works that are being digitilized.

Sharing audiobooks - this is the online access to the texts of literary and popular writers associated with the Subcarpathian voivodship. Available audiobooks were recorded at the request of Provincional and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszow and are based on works of authors such as Edward Bolt, Mark Czarnota, Stanislaw Dłuski, Zbigniew Domino, Edward Guziakiewicz, Kazimierz Ivosse, Mariusz Kalandyk, Gregory Kociuba, Boguslaw Kotula, Krystyna Lenkowska, Edward Marshal, Richard revenge Kazimierz Ozog, Janusz Pastoral, Andrzej Potocki, Jadwiga Szymczak-Hoff, Andrew Topczyj, John Tulik, Alice Ungeheuer-Dove, Margaret Żurecka.

The portal is a rich base of information about the Provincial and Municipal Public Library in Rzeszów and the other libraries in the Subcarpathian region, including events related to the books, organized by libraries and cultural institutions in the Subcarpathian region.

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